A Modern 21st Century Law Firm

•  A lead attorney with 25+ years of BigLaw, big ticket litigation experience earned over 100's of cases

•  Teaming with additional lawyers tailored to your case

•   Employing modern technology and small unit tactics to multiply our impact

Custom Teams

We identify the needs of your case at the start.  Your lead trial lawyer, Gary Hood, then assembles a select group of additional lawyers - through our partnership with a premier provider of on-demand legal talent - to tailor a custom team for your case. And we involve you directly in that selection process.  You know what you are getting and paying for.

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We employ a "virtual" approach to our firm and the practice of law.  We utilize a broad array of technology to stay connected with clients, prosecute their case, and ensure that our resources - and those of our clients - are entirely geared towards providing client value and advancing the client's interests.

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Mission Focus

We utilize an innovative system that zeroes in on your ultimate goal from the start, identifies the path to best achieve that goal - and then relentlessly execute the plan to completion.  This means we maintain a smaller "footprint" that is agile and keeps fees and costs contained, but enables us to have an outsized impact.  That is "force multiplication" in action.

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