Unconventional - In Every Respect

•  We handle the same significant federal cases as BigLaw, but we are not a large, unwieldy organization mired in conventional thinking and approach

•  We practice through modern technology, but we do not maintain multiple offices spread across the country, a large staff, or any of the traditional BigLaw trappings that cost you money

•  We charge flat, transparent fees, so you know what you are getting and what it will cost, from the start

The Hood Legal Group is different.  We are Litigation. Done Right.™

Small Unit Tactics

Gary Hood brings to his clients' disputes over 25 years of trial and litigation experience, gained in some of the most prestigious, large corporate law firms.  He also draws heavily on his military experience and leadership skills to execute a case plan. 

And that is what makes the Hood Legal Group different- where they are large and cumbersome, we are agile.  We do not maintain an expansive roster of lawyers and staff just in case, touting our size and broadly disparate practice areas.  We instead relentlessly focus on our mission, know that a small group of specially selected and motivated individuals, led by a decisive, experienced trial lawyer, is much more effective, and we execute with precision on our case mission plan to achieve our client's goals.

Virtual Practice

Modern times have rendered the traditional law firm approach outdated and unnecessary.  We utilize a virtual model. We have no physical offices, but instead have on-demand convenient conference space available in a variety of locations to meet with clients by appointment. We connect with our clients through technology, prosecute their cases efficiently, and focus all our time and our client's precious resources on what matters - achieving their desired outcome.

Lavish offices spread across the country serve lawyer egos and real estate investors.  But fancy offices, spacious conference rooms and curated art on the walls come at a price - which those corporate firms pass on to their clients.  And they do not help a client win.

Simple Fees

Mr. Hood believes clients deserve to know at the start what their case will cost. And to work directly with their lead lawyer, from the day they meet to case conclusion. That is why we scope out a case at the very beginning, present our clients with an all-in fee, and ensure they get top shelf trial counsel at a price they understand. Simple. Fair. Client-focused. As it should be.

Billing by the hour - a system that allows ever increasing rates and rewards ineffectiveness and inefficiency.  The system that has built and sustained countless traditional law firms for centuries.  But it is a system that we strongly prefer not to use.  It results in "leveraging" of the large rosters of lawyers those BigLaw corporate firms keep, de-incentivizes completing a case, and interferes with clients' opportunity to work directly, throughout their case, with their lead trial lawyer.  

Supporting Military & Veterans

The Hood Legal Group commits no less than 25% of its time, effort, and financial resources to supporting our active-duty U.S. Military and veterans.  These men and women, who all wrote a blank check to a nation forever indebted, deserve it.  Some organizations we support, and commend to you to consider supporting as well:

One More Wave - a non-profit based in San Diego, California, focused on decreasing the veteran suicide rate through surf therapy - www.onemorewave.com

The USO - an organization around since 1941, it focuses on strengthening America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation - www.uso.org

Operation Surf - based in Avila Beach, California, its mission is to channel the healing powers of the ocean to restore hope, renew purpose, and revitalize community in connection with injured military and veterans - www.operationsurf.org  

Flanders Fields - a non-profit organization of veterans helping veterans, their mission being ensuring that every veteran has a helping hand when they need one - www.flandersfields.org