Chicago, Seattle, and Nationwide

The Hood Legal Group connects with clients electronically.  This allows us to keep overhead low, which in turn allows us to spend our resources on advancing your case.  When a meeting is called for, we meet by appointment, and utilize on-demand conference space to which we have access in a number of convenient locations.

Gary Hood has a national practice.  He is admitted to the bars of the States of Illinois and Washington, as well as a number of specific federal courts.  He is also a registered patent attorney, admitted to the bar of the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  He has extensive experience litigating cases around the United States.  

During his career, he has officed and worked in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.  But modern technology has rendered the traditional physical office model of practice inefficient and unnecessary.  So Mr. Hood now offers his services in federal courts in Illinois, Washington, and other locations where he is admitted.  And when asked to represent clients in jurisdictions or courts to which Mr. Hood is not admitted, we associate with lawyers local to that jurisdiction, and seek admission pro hac vice (for the specific case).

But wherever the case is located, we pride ourselves on doing things right.  We comply with all professional and ethical rules and requirements, so we only take cases in courts and jurisdictions where we are admitted already or gain admission for the specific case.