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Constitutional Rights

The United States Constitution guarantees justice and the "Blessings of Liberty" for all Americans. Regardless of any trait that some might use to try to divide us - race, gender, religion, or even political views - every citizen is guaranteed important rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Basic American ideals, including the freedoms of speech, religion, and association, the guaranteed rights to liberty and privacy, and even the most basic right to be safe and protect one's family in one's own home - are under siege.

In the past few years, we have witnessed with increasing frequency brazen assaults on these most fundamental rights. It may be an elected official attacking and marginalizing the freedom to express traditional views of faith, family and freedom. Or an overzealous organization or individual denying the right to express one's patriotic support of America, its military, or law enforcement. Or an employer forcing a private medical decision and thereby denying this most basic of freedoms.  

The Hood Legal Group firmly believes that our nation is at a critical juncture, and that those who harass, intimidate, oppress, or otherwise interfere in the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms by others must be held to account.  We know how to defend these most fundamental rights.  And we are prepared to take action immediately, to advocate for and defend your rights.  

Intellectual Property

IP is a basic, critically important part of our 21st Century capitalist system.  You may deal in technology relating to electronics and software, automotive or mechanical parts, food and nutrition, or even pharmaceuticals. Or you may be a brand seeking to differentiate and protect your goodwill and reputation. Or you may be a content creator - a band, filmmaker, or author - seeking to protect your works. Whatever your area of endeavor, you face complex IP legal issues.

The Hood Legal Group has deep experience advocating and defending the rights of those who seek to commercialize their interests and capitalize on valuable intellectual property rights. We have litigated cases large and small, involving a broad variety of technologies, and across an array of industries, products, and services.

We've been in the busiest courtrooms on patent and trademark cases, from the West Coast to the East Coast and many points in between. We've represented some of the biggest, most well-known brands. We've successfully handled injunction proceedings, trials, and appeals. No matter the case, we are prepared to mobilize and assist immediately.

Media & Sports Representation

Entertainment, sports, digital media - these are all around us, and touch nearly everybody daily.  Whether it be on-air TV talent, or singers/songwriters, or social media influencers, or athletes seeking to capitalize on their name-image-likeness ("NIL") rights - such talent deserve zealous, experienced legal representation.

With decades of experience in all forms of intellectual property, the Hood Legal Group knows well the value of these creations, and how to make sure the creators themselves are rewarded and protected.  There are too many stories of songwriters or new bands signing away their rights to their original music, photographers finding their photos on somebody else's website, or a young man or woman just trying to break into the film or TV business taken advantage of by an unscrupulous "agent" or studio. And now, with the growing opportunity for collegiate athletes to share in the spoils of their name, image and likeness, the legal playing field is complex.

The Hood Legal Group strongly believes that these talented individuals, who give us so much information and entertainment, should be protected and properly rewarded. Because the channels, movie makers, record labels, and sporting institutions benefit handsomely from their efforts. So we advocate for all forms of talent, ensuring they and their creative works or athletic talents are appropriately respected and rewarded.

Additional Services

Intellectual Property Arbitration/Mediation

With decades of experience litigating some of the most complex patent and IP cases, Gary Hood can assist as mediator or arbitrator in any type of IP dispute. He stands ready to move quickly to address your case wherever and whenever you need. Alternative dispute resolution is a factor in most any lawsuit today. Whether mandatory or "strongly encouraged," options include mediation and arbitration.

With a quarter century of experience as a trial lawyer, and having led cases through mediation and arbitration for a broad array of clients across a wide range of substantive legal areas. Gary Hood is uniquely prepared to serve as mediator or arbitrator in your cases. Mr. Hood has substantial experience mediating intellectual property cases in particular. While he's handled a variety of technologies, he has developed particular understanding and experience in the area of Hatch-Waxman pharmaceutical patent cases. He understands and appreciates the complexities of attempting to settle such cases, and stands ready to assist even in situations where an agreed resolution seems distant.

Special Trial Counsel

Gary Hood has years of courtroom experience trying a wide variety of cases to judge and jury. And he's done so teaming with other lawyers and law firms, so we are well-versed in coordinating and leading large groups who may be in need of supplementation. Even if you already have counsel, but are looking for strategic supplementation, The Hood Legal Group is available to assist regardless of how close to trial you find your case. 

With a quarter century of experience trying a broad array of cases - everything from the most complex patent dispute, to "simple" automobile accident cases, and even significant criminal matters - Mr. Hood is prepared to engage, evaluate, and assist however necessary.

Mr. Hood has led his own case teams, and he has jointly worked with teams from other firms. He is a Navy Veteran and well versed in group dynamics and the challenges of leading trial teams. He knows personally the pressures of trial and preparation for it.  So no matter the stage of your case, we stand ready to help.