Gary E. Hood

Founder & President

Constitutional Rights

As a United States citizen, you are guaranteed important rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The Hood Legal Group has the experience and fortitude to make sure that your rights are preserved and protected.  Call us, to take action immediately to advocate for and defend your rights.

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Intellectual Property

Patents.  Trademarks.  Copyrights.  Trade Secrets.  The Hood Legal Group has deep experience handling dozens of these complex cases, in the busiest IP courtrooms nationwide.  No matter the case, we are prepared to mobilize and assist immediately.

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Media & Sports Representation

TV personalities, digital creators and influencers, musicians, bands, authors, and athletes - these talented individuals face a complex labyrinth of legal issues as they try to make it.  The Hood Legal Group is prepared to help guide you, whatever your endeavor.  

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