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Constitutional Rights

Hostility towards the traditional American value of individualism, in favor instead of a prescribed collectivism and singular viewpoint, has never been more real. Even the most basic rights enshrined in our Constitution, once taken for granted, are now openly attacked.

The freedom of speech and expression - openly denigrated and undermined by those who think it appropriate to harass and intimidate others with whom they disagree. Fundamental liberty rights, including to bodily autonomy, eroded by those who think, for example, that it is appropriate to force medical decisions on others. The list goes on.

Inspired by the famous quote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," The Hood Legal Group is doing something. Because we strongly believe that these American values are worth defending. And while many firms and lawyers for years have championed select causes for some, we believe all American values - even those that fall on the side of tradition and may be considered by some to be out of favor - deserve zealous advocacy as well.

Whether it be defamatory conduct, harassment, discrimination for holding/advocating traditional values, trespass, assault - or even official action by governmental officials - The Hood Legal Group is prepared to engage appropriate legal action to hold accountable those who would force their viewpoint on others.