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Media & Sports Representation

Our modern lives are filled with what seems like an ever-increasing number of entertainment and information sources.  Television, movies, the Internet, content developers and their streaming services, social media influencers and their channels, a broad variety of audio and video digital media, and sports of all kinds - these have given rise to significant growth in the number of talented people who are now able to perform, compete, and otherwise present themselves and their talent to a wide audience.

But no matter the arena in which these talented people perform or compete, they are faced with a complex labyrinth of legal rights to try to navigate.  Who owns the intellectual property they create?  What are the licensing implications?  How can one benefit from and protect their "NIL" rights?  Even more fundamentally, what are the expectations and requirements as between them and their creative or athletic endeavors, and the brands, channels, and others who they work for and with?  These and other myriad questions are often overlooked by up-and-coming talent, to their detriment.

The Hood Legal Group strongly believes that those talented individuals who come into our homes on our TVs, or in movies, books and songs, or those who compete on the field, should be protected and properly rewarded by those who reap the substantial financial and other benefits of the efforts of these talented creators and athletes.  We advocate for all forms of talent, ensuring they and their creative works or athletic talents are appropriately respected and rewarded.